About our Company

Welcome to Durango RV Rentals!

Our company started small with one Class C RV rental and has now grown to a fleet of FIVE rentals this year.  RV owners looking to rent their RV's and RENTERS look to rent are matched up on our website to offer rates, policies, information, and insurance all in one, easy to locate area.

We provide a Road Side Assistance in all 50 States for your sound peace of mind at no additional charge! We go over all aspects of RV operations so if you have never gone "RVing" before, we will take care of you! So RELAX and ENJOY your vacation.  All you need to bring our your clothes, bedding, and food!

Thank you for visiting Durango RV Rentals! We promise a smooth process, great Motor Homes, Excellent customer service, and a wonderful next adventure away from home!

If you are currently ready to rent an RV and don't see it listed here, please call us at (970)426-1720 or 505-681-4180.  We look forward to meeting you and providing you with a wonderful RV experience!

Our WEBSITE is under construction and will soon reflect this win-win situation for owners and renters alike.