RV Insurance


You must provide liability insurance for the motor home. This can be either as a binder from your auto policy, or it can be purchased through our insurance.  If you wish to provide a binder, please let us know and we will forward you the proper form in order to ensure that you are properly covered.  EACH driver must have a binder - no exceptions.  You will be given instructions on a follow up email on how to purchase additional insurance if that is what is needed.  The dealer policy number and web address will be in your welcome email. Only one policy is required, additional coverage limits are available at an additional cost.

All drivers must be 25 years of age or older.  All drivers must complete a rental application and submit it 10 days prior to the rental period.  All applicants driving status will be verified prior to the rental period.  At no time may the rental unit travel to Mexico or Canada.

At no time shall the motor home be operated while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Please consult with your Doctor or Pharmacist as to your ability to operate a motor home while you are taking any medications.  The motor home can only operate on improved roads, any damage to the motor home including but not limited to tires, is the renter's responsibility.  Travel on unimproved roads can lead to situations that require heavy machinery in order to remove the motor home which is the renter's responsibility.  Road side assistance WILL NOT cover negligence.

While backing the motor home, someone must be in the back of the motor home to act as a spotter at all times.  USE CAUTION: Low overhead clearances and other overhead objects can cause serious damage. The height of the motor home is 13 feet and higher and is specific to type of unit you rent.  Special care must be taken AT ALL TIMES to avoid overhead objects!

Each motor home is provided with a manual specific to its operation and will be reviewed before leaving the lot.  Questions and concerns?  Call us at 970-426-1720.


You must provide PROOF of LIABILITY insurance that will cover the rental of our travel trailer. The renter is responsible for $1000.00 deductible damage to the R-Pods. Tires, canopies, awnings and intentional damage are NOT covered by our insurance. Verification of insurance is required 7 days prior to any rental.